This week is the 26th Anniversary of the ADA

This week Arkansas Waiver Association is celebrating the 26th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. We want to recognize how far we have come and how far we have to go. The ADA advances equal access for all persons in this country and we want to celebrate that.

Even though the ADA has been the law of the land for 26 years now, there are still places all over the state that have yet to even install ramps for people in wheelchairs, allow persons with service dogs into their places of business, and have failed to provide translators for those with hearing impairments.  The most outrageous aspect of a failure of full implementation of the ADA in Arkansas is the continuing existence of the Alternative Community Services Waiver Waiting List.

Right now there are nearly 3,000 Arkansans with developmental disabilities that are waiting for services the United States Supreme Court says they are owed thanks to the ADA. Some of these people have been on the waiting list since 2007. Since 2013 79 people have passed away while waiting for services on this list. For more information on that watch this video

In recognizing the achievements of the past 26 years with ADA we call on the elected leaders in our state to end the waiting list and allow these 3000 families to live in the community as they desire.